Exciting Times

Thank you card


After nearly three weeks away travelling in Italy from Venice to Garda, Sienna, Lucca and Pisa, I have only until the 29th October working at No45 Dental.

I then start at Felpham Dental on the Wednesday 4th November. The website is www.felphamdental.com. I am looking forward to the new challenge. I will be able to promote the adult orthodontics which I enjoy as well as helping people to achieve their dental goals. I am also hoping that people who left me because of the distance to travel and parking in Chichester will feel they can return. I believe I will be working in the Garden Surgery. You can see a picture on the web site.

Diana the receptionist and practice manager is very friendly and happy to answer any queries anyone my have regarding registration and appointments. Claire the hygienist enjoys West End Musicals so I know we are going to have a lot to talk about.

It will be sad to leave No45 after 5 and a half years, but Matt has big plans and unfortunately I cannot be part of them.

I hope to put up details and photographs of my Italy holiday very shortly.


Aim to be a Zero!



I have just finished reading Chris Hadfield’s book. It is a very interesting read. How a Canadian had the single mindedness to become an astronaut and lead a mission on the space station. It goes through all the trials and tribulations of becoming and being an astronaut. How much of his life is to do with  simulations of what if situations. Day in day out. How he was a buddy to the families left on earth while their husband/wife were in space.  His family had a buddy astronaut with them to advise them and to support them, particularly  if somethings goes wrong.

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A Meal Out

10393908_513964028743208_3018787518758274330_n     Last Thursday we went to a wine tasting and meal at the Minerva restaurant. It was organised by Caper and Berry and involved Nyetimber wines. It was an interesting experience to have sparkling wines at every course. Nyetimber of course produce award winning sparkling wines using the champagne method and the grapes of Pinot Noir Pinot Menier and Chardonnay. The biggest surprise to me was having a Rose with the main course of Sussex Lamb where it definitely held its own. I also learned what a hogget of lamb was. For those who don’t know it is a lamb that is between 12 and 24 months. This means that the meat is darker and stronger in taste. We finished with an adaption of Sussex pond pudding. Made of a sponge mix rather than suet. It reminder me of the last time I had this pudding made with suit. It was my first year at college and the landlady agreed to make us this pudding one night. Unfortunately I was the only one at dinner that night and I felt I had to make a good impression on the presented suet pudding. I remember it was excellent but I really did have too much as I crawled upstairs and lay on my bed with my stomach gradually expanding!   480735_181944191945195_897317753_n

Ramblings of a Dentist

What an interesting week I’ve had. Last Friday we attended, my wife and I, ‘a vintage supper club’. This was held within the walls of Chichester in an 18th century cottage.

Supper club
The food was good and the company was very diverse and proved for stimulating conversation. The tables were formica with a wooden one in the middle. The plates and cutlery were all missmatched! But we left at about 11.00pm very satisfied from a very enjoyable evening which at the start we wondered what we had got ourselves into. The club has a facebook page, www.facebook.com/AGoodVintageSupper

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At last the EU has has amended it ‘Cosmetics Directive’!

For years whitening has been safely used by dentists in this country and America. It has saved people uncomfortable and somethings painful procedures to have whiter teeth. In the UK and the rest of Europe we were not allowed to use anything stronger than 0.5% hydrogen peroxide which did nothing to change the colour of the teeth. The concentrations we did use though went up to 25% when we used the Zoom in surgery whitening.

Luckily the trading standards tended to turn a blind eye. It did allow non registered dental personal i.e. beauticians to carry this process out, using other products as well that have caused damage and discolouration to the teeth.

There has been extensive lobbying to rectify the situation and this has resulted in an amendment to the Cosmetic Products Regulations. This means that:

Products containing 0.1% or above cannot be sold directly to the consumer but can be sold directly to a dentist.

Products containing 0.1% but less than 6% can be made available to patients following an initial examination and full instruction

Products containing 0.1% but less than 6% cannot be used on patient under 18 years of age

Whitening at home, which we have always offered, is a bit more time consuming but with proper use it gives an excellent result which can be whiter that just an in surgery technique. We cannot provide the more instant result, but the patient is now more in control of the final brightness.

The companies that provide the whitening products are now hard at work producing a 6% solution that can be used in the surgery to give an initial boost to the process.

Finally it is interesting to note that hairdressers can use up to 12% on your hair – provided they wear suitable gloves!

Story telling

Isn’t it interesting that we want to believe in something when it is obviously untrue. Adam Eason in his blog this week believed in the story that the Inuit tribe have a hundred words for snow.

Using Self-Hypnosis For A Snow Balling Effect of Enhanced Determination. He realised with a little research that this was not so. But it made a good story. A good story teller was Johnny ‘Rooster’ Byron, in the play Jerusalem.

Mark Rylance bought this despicable and funny character to life and I was lucky to see his performance on the last day in London. The play had travelled from the Royal Court Theatre to the West End and then Broadway. It was then reprised again in the West End.

His character is Johnny Byron, a great story teller, drug seller, alcoholic and a person waiting to get evicted. He was on council land with his caravan. One of his stories tells of how he was born with a bullet in his mouth that carried the sperm that fertilised his mother! But the story you get caught up in is about him talking to a giant who happened to remark that he made Stonehenge! This giant gave him one of his earrings shaped like a drum that he could beat if he was in trouble. At the end of the story his mates teased him about this. When they were shown the drum they did not wish to beat it.

At the end of the play when Johnny had been beaten up and the bailiffs were about to remove him he starts to beat the drum. The trees move and the curtain falls. Is it the tractors come to remove the caravan or the giant come to rescue him? I know I wanted the giant as well as most of the audience.

It shows the power of a good story can have a very hypnotic effect on you.

Festival of Speed 2011

Lord March appears to have sold his soul again as there was good weather for the weekend. The weekend has had its bad weather days in the past making it into Glastonbury for cars! My son and I attended for all three days, we decided to give the Moving Motor Show a miss on the Thursday as we knew that they would not let us drive the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider up the hill.

On the Friday we spent the time looking around the pits as it is less busy, due to F1 rules you only get to see last years models, and also the Cartier ‘style and Luxe’ the Super Cars. Very much a look and don’t touch experience. Never mind I would hate to have the responsibility of owning a Bugatti Veyron but it would be nice to have an Aston Martin. You can but dream.
This year I have become a member of the Goodwood Road Racing Club. This meant that we had forward parking- my son therefore did not have so far to walk, or even cycle which we had done the year before. ( To put him in a better light he is going to do The Big Issue Walk in London on the 30th September this year- He needs to get a bit fitter though. Yo can sponsor him here http://tiny.cc/ihcv6). Also we could make use of the Club enclosure. This make it easy to spending three days at the FOS, as it was a place of calm and cleanliness. That is not to say that elsewhere is dirty, but in the club there are table cloths and flowers on the table. There are also a large number of people to clear the tables and to keep the area tidy. Finally James did managed to see Mark Webber in the distance!

On the Saturday it was a walk up to the paddock at the top of the hill, to see the drivers finish. On the way up you get to see the rally cars bouncing along the smooth chalk road in between the trees. Scary. We make a note to spend more time watching them next year. The highlight was seeing Jensen Button answering questions and signing autographs. He drove up in the Mclaren MP4-12C rather that the race car as he had an injury that needed treatment prior to the British GP next week. Unfortunately he was not able to drive his car on three wheels and so had to drop out of the GP. An interesting machine was the jet propelled motor bike. It had a gas turbine engine from a helicopter mounted on the motorbike chassis. It is road legal with a power output of 420bhp and sounds like a jet.

Sunday was the day we paid to sit in the grandstand and again we managed to get into the one opposite the house. We went armed with enough food to last all day – we were only staying for the morning- plus a flask of hot coffee. We did not want to lose our seats. What can I say, we had Lewis Hamilton doing a donut in the 2008 McLaren – Mercedes MP4 – 23, a car being driven up on two wheels all the way up the 1.2 mile track, various stunt motor cyclists. Finally the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 motor race. This included the yellow jackets of the marshals, a marching band and a guitarist on top of Goodwood House playing the American National Anthem. Brian May also made quite an appearance, arriving on an old American truck. His band arrived on a large lorry with hugh speakers at either end, positioning themselves in front of Goodwood House.
There were also the Red Arrows and the Vulcan bomber, which is always very impressive over the weekend. Trick BMX riders and stunt motorcyclists. In the end there was too little time to see everything. Looks as though we will be back next year.

Dental Health in Chichester

One of the biggest problems with being a dentist is how people perceive you. Are you a private dentist or cosmetic dentist?

I look on the best thing that I can provide my patients with is long term dental health. This means looking at all the factors that make up the way they use their teeth. The way the jaw works.  Do they grind their teeth? Do their teeth have worn edges and maybe chips.  Do teeth at the back keep fracturing.

These problems affect a lot of people and it is becoming more common as people retain their teeth well into old age.

Sorting these problems early means that as old age approaches they will have less problems.

Yes I do improve peoples smiles, with whitening, veneers, six month smiles, but only on a solid foundation that will give them continued dental health.

Andrew Vance BDS MGDS RCS